Dog Chew Made of Coffee Wood and Coconut Rope.

$ 11.99
Our Chews made of Coffee Wood and Coconut Rope combine our best-selling, caffeine-free coffee wood with all-natural coconut fibers to offer your dog an exciting chewing pleasure. They are vegan, sustainable, free from artificial ingredients, and support your dog's dental hygiene. A great chew and toy for your pet! WHAT MAKES COFFEE+COCO SPECIAL FOR YOUR DOG? This chew combines two different materials for an exciting chewing experience. We are only using 100% all-natural material in our chews – no additivies, no artifical ingredients, no fat. So, they are a healthy, plastic-free alternative to other toys. The special fiber structure of wood as well as rope acts like a tooth brush. And the short, untreated fibers of the coconut rope don‘t harm your dog when ingested. Also, the combination of wood and rope makes it easy for your dog to tug at the chew. Like this, it can serve as chew and toy, especially for younger dogs. 100% natural product: Sizes and weights can vary.