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Dog Dog Cat Celebrates 10 Years

It has been nearly years since we opened our doors in beautiful Lake Tahoe. Over 500,000 customers and an unknown number of furry friends have traveled here from as close as our backyard to as far away as Japan. The response to our unique and wide variety of products has been spectacular! We would like to thank all of you for your questions, comments, smiling faces, and wagging tails.

During 2024 we are finding many new fantastic products.  With our age we are finding more and more ways to keep ahead of the curve with great products and even better service.   On any given day all year long you can discover the latest and greatest.  Most recently we have added many items for the winter months, an ever growing selection of treats, and dog / cat toys unique only to Dog Dog Cat.  This is just a taste of it.   

In the past few years we have continued to remove and acquire new brands of the highest quality foods, treats, and supplements. Pet food manufacturers are discovering many new ways to provide fantastic nutrition for our pets, and some are finding new shortcuts to fool pet parents. We make it our business to educate, and eliminate the guessing. Our seasoned customers know we have done the homework for you. We simply assist you and your pet to find the perfect diet for you and your budget.

We have been busy updating the products on our site but always beware there are many more items in the store than online. We hope you will find the many new features helpful in finding the perfect products for your dog and/or cat. Many products will have video links, sizing charts, and larger images. You can also shop online and pick up in store, or shop in store and have the items shipped is an option too.   

Never hesitate to call us or e-mail 530-541-2322 or Some call us old fashioned because we still believe in having real, live, friendly staff to help and make you feel appreciated. You deserve it, and that is how we stay in business!