About Us

We are George and Mary Kay Richter, and we welcome you to our 20 years and running petique, Dog.Dog.Cat.. We and our staff have two simple goals: to develop lasting, supportive relationships with our clients and their four-legged friends, and to provide products that keep your pals healthy, happy and stylishly well-appointed.

We opened Dog.Dog.Cat. because we believe we are not alone in wanting to provide our best friends with products that will enhance their health and enrich their lives -- from natural, human-grade food and snacks to earth-friendly grooming products, to top-notch toys, collars, name tags, leashes and more. Oh, and along the way we found some really cool stuff for humans too, which we are very excited to share with you.

Come in and have a look around. Whether you're a seasoned expert in canine nutrition looking for a specific food or simply an animal lover determined to improve the quality of your pet's life, we think you'll find what you're looking for at Dog.Dog.Cat. And if you don't, we promise to do everything we can to find it for you!