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Dog Food

One major reason we started Dog Dog Cat is because we discovered what we thought was "healthy" dog food was not at all the case.   This lead us to discovering a whole lot of brands of pet food and pet treats that are truly focused on providing healthy ingredients to feed dogs and cats.   

There are a lot of brands you know but will not see here!  If you do not see them here there is a big chance they include ingredients we are a hard NO!   No offense to you but just like us it is likely you think your pet food is really great from the fantastic marketing, and often because your vet told you it was good too.    Science Diet is one of the big brands we are opposed to, Purina, Beneful, nearly any food for pets sold in a grocery store and a large part of big box stores only sell brands with ingredients we feel are wise to avoid.  

A few of the most common things to avoid are:  Wheat, corn, soy, "poultry..." (it needs to specify the meat), "meat...", BHA or BHT (terrible preservatives used in many pet foods), salt, sugar, dye's.   

We love foods with high quality and a lot of meat content and avoid any meats that are followed up with "by-products" (you don't want to know what is in this!).  We love foods that provide most if not all the protein from an animal source.  We love foods that are minimally processed, ideally low heat, if it is cooked at all.  We love to see the ingredient list begin with multiple meats.  We love foods that are not primarily carbohydrates, and starch.  We love foods with clean sources of fat, again if it says "poultry fat" stay away!    And last but not least of the biggies are preservatives, ideally if the food requires preservatives we insist it be a natural preservative.  If the food has multiple years until expiration it likely has a terrible preservative.   Most reputable brands are a year or less from manufacture date.   

We have standards that we feel are really important to the long term health of your pet.   If you have questions please reach out to us or come in and we will guide you to a diet we feel is appropriate for you pet and within the budget you would like to spend.   

Most our brands have great frequent buyer programs and we have our own too.    The prices are competitive and often better than Chewy and other online sites.   

All our foods are guaranteed!   If your dog doesn't like the food, or do great on our diets, you are welcome to exchange the food until we find a solution.   


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Ingredients: Beef bone Case Quantity: This is a bulk product sold in a case. There are 10 pieces per case. The price listed is per individual piece...

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