Besties Pets - Mountain Adventure Silicone Dog ID Tag: Sky Blue

$ 28.00
Customized with the name on the front and contact info on the back. Besties tags are super cute and ultra durable, which means you can be confident that this tag will last through any excursion, dogpile, or catfight. Oh, and what’s that noise you ask? That, my friend, is the sweet sound of silence. Features and Benefits 🔕 Jingle-free - Besties 100% Silicone tags are strong, flexible, and resilient. ⚠️ Safe - With our deep custom engraving, you can rest assured that your emergency contact information is always legible when you need it most. 💪 Durable - Metal tags scratch and fade, silicone stands the test of time. ✨ Adorable - Stand out from the pack with our eye-catching designs. 💦 Waterproof & Rust Free We offer drop-shipping for single customer orders. Place the order, making sure you update the shipping address. We also offer gift-cards, which can be redeemed with free shipping from Besties Have any questions? Shoot us a message and we'd be happy to discuss!