Cat Sushi Bonito Flakes Cat Treat

$ 9.95


Your beloved feline will adore the unique flavor and freshness of our 100% authentic, sushi-grade catnip flakes from Japan. Offer it as a special treat or mix it into meals for an irresistible dining experience! These thin slices are a purrfect addition for even the pickiest of cats, with just one ingredient - high protein, low fat tuna. Our Bonito flakes are carefully selected to ensure only the largest and best quality flakes. Presidio Natural Pet Company, based in San Francisco, is dedicated to providing all-natural, top quality treats and supplements for pets. As a strong supporter of independent pet retailers, our family of brands is committed to using only natural and premium ingredients in our products. Cat Sushi - 100% Tuna, packaged fresh in Japan for your feline's delight!