Farm Hound Bulk Chew: Hog Feet Small 5"-9"

$ 9.99
Safety First: REQUIRES CLOSE SUPERVISION Hog feet include marble-size knucklebones once they are broken down. These bones may be consumed, but if the dog is small enough, these bones could be considered a choking hazard. For larger dogs, we would expect the dog to either pass the bone or, depending on their diet, their stomach could break the bone down. While we think they are safe when fed properly, there are extra precautions we recommend when selling these chews: 1) Ensure that these are being purchased for larger dogs 2) Ensure your customers are comfortable with their dog's chewing habits/style. 3) Always supervise your dog when consuming any chew and remove pieces of the chew that break off during chewing If this product splinters or develops sharp edges when being chewed, throw it away immediately. To prevent injury and choking hazards, please watch your pet while they enjoy this chew, and be sure to give the appropriate size/amount. Questions? Please send us a message!