Ruffwear Lunker-Campfire Ora : N/A

$ 24.95

More than just wanting to play, your dog wants you to share in the fun. Our Hover Craft™ flying
disc features a foam core to maintain shape and enhance flight performance. Your own throwing
range will dazzle you, while your partner delights in one accurate catch after another.
• Molded foam core improves flotation, durability, and flight performance and helps maintain
• Our large disc is regulation size and weight for long throws and games of catch-and-fetch
• Our small disc is an excellent choice for smaller breeds and indoor play
• Soft construction won’t injure a dog’s teeth or gums nor the thrower’s fingers
S 6” 15 cm
L 9” 23 cm
Colors: (S) orange sunset, (L) fern green
Suggested retail: (S) $14.95; (L) $19.95
To ensure safety, your dog should be supervised when using our toys. If any part becomes loose
or detached, remove toy from dog immediately.
All Ruff Wear toys are interactive and intended for supervised play. They are not designed to be
chew toys. Once the interactive play has finished, place the Ruff Wear toy out of your dog's reach
and replace it with a designated chew toy.