RKR Biscuits - Doggie Doughnuts

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These aren't your average doughnuts - they're crunchy, shelf-stable, and made with organic ingredients. Measuring 3 1/4 inches in diameter and 2 inches thick, they're the perfect size for your furry friend. Each one is uniquely decorated with sprinkles, sanding sugar, or both, so every bite is a surprise. And if you're feeling fancy, check out our Deluxe Doughnuts with special decorations! Our ingredient list reads like a health food store directory, including organic whole wheat flour, oatmilk, canola oil, brown sugar, eggs, baking powder and soda. We top it all off with a delicious glaze made from non-fat milk solids, yogurt powder, tapioca starch, and more. Try our maple flavor with added organic maple syrup or our peanut butter flavor with organic peanut butter.