Flora Magunga Cat Toy Many Varieties to Choose From! African Wand Cat Toy

$ 7.99

A unique cat toy hand made in Africa by professional fly tyer. We have found a amazing group of Africans with a very specific skill that applies very well to cat toys. Each toy has a loop of string to make it easily attached to a wand. We sell the wands separately. Each toy is made with real feathers, fur sometimes mixed with multiple materials mixed to make a toy your cat will go crazy for. These are not the GoCat brand, but are made in Africa, and not with the same materials. We are confident you will find the quality of these are much better. The toys will vary a lot in size, therefore we have included an image of a pencil for reference. Our professional fly tyer in Africa use their unique skills to hand-make each and every Flora Magunga Cat Toy. With a loop of string that easily attaches to our wands (sold separately), your cat will go wild with playtime. Plus, our toys are crafted with real feathers and fur, mixed with other surprising materials to create a unique and exciting toy for your furry friend. These toys are not typical GoCat brand toys, but we guarantee the quality is top-notch. Plus, each toy is one-of-a-kind in size and shape, making them as expressive as your cat's personality. Don't believe us? Just check out our pencil size reference!