Farm to Pet - Chicken Chips

$ 13.99
SINGLE INGREDIENT DOG TREATS Tired of long ingredient lists where you can’t pronounce half the words? So are we! That’s why we crafted dehydrated chicken dog treats made with ONLY 1 ingredient - Chicken - so your furry friends enjoy the healthy treats they deserve without worrying about what’s in them! Our nutritious dog chicken treats are sourced from 100% human-grade chicken breast meat and we NEVER add any unhealthy by-products, binders, or fillers. Chicken chip dog treats…are just chicken. SENSITIVE STOMACHS AND PICKY EATERS Do you have a picky eater in the house who has a sensitive stomach for dog treats? Not for long! With only a single ingredient and no preservatives or additives, our healthy snacks will be easy on the stomach while being heavy on the flavor and nutrients.