Undercover Mouse

by Dog.Dog.Cat.
$ 31.95

Just as the name implies, Undercover Mouse moves silently; randomly speeding, slowing and reversing direction under its durable nylon cover - the hidden mouse skitters furtively just out of your cat’s view. In fact, its movements are so real you and your cat will swear there’s a live mouse in the house! Here’s the secret to its success – Undercover Mouse’s stealthy movements serve to peak your hunter/predator’s instinct to secure the catch. And no worries once the catch is made – our new gearless friction drive means added reliability. Made of durable plastic, Undercover Mouse allows for easy speed adjustment and will provide hours of interactive fun powered by three (3) AA batteries.
We promise you’ll love watching your “domestic” cat go wild!

Easy to operate with fully adjustable speed control
Random, teasing motions draws cats into play
Foldout stabilizing bars and low center of gravity prevents tipping
This is the best toy your Felis Catus will ever own - discriminating cats choose Undercover Mouse!!!
Introduce your cat to new heights of excitement at play. The hunt is on – with Undercover Mouse!
One (1) Undercover Mouse electronic cat toy
One (1) ripstop nylon skirt
One (1) mouse wand
Requires three (3) AA batteries (not included)