SHADY CAT SOCIAL CLUB Shady's our name. Catnip's our game - SUBLIME BUDS

$ 19.99
Shady Cat offers the rarest form of catnip in a clear jar so they almost sell themselves! These dried catnip flowers are the most potent form of catnip, period. Nepetalactone is the natural chemical in catnip that make cats goofy and help them relax. The Nepetalactone is contained in the essential oil of the catnip plant. The flower portion of the plant holds the highest concentration of essential oil. There is less nepetalactone in the leaves and stems. Buds are not easy to come by. They must be harvested at the peak of freshness, by hand and delicately trimmed and packaged to remain intact. These beautiful flowers are also a seasonal product and can be tricky to source. So if you see them in stock, buy them up!!!