Ruffwear Summit Trex Dog Boots (sold in pairs)

by Dog.Dog.Cat.
$ 29.95

Summit Trex dog boots provide everyday traction and paw protection from extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, and salt or other snowmelt chemicals. The Ruffwear-designed outsole provides flexible traction while an integrated stretch gaiter protects legs and locks out dirt and debris.

Getting started with Ruffwear boots? Check out our helpful tips.



  • Protects dogs' paws from exposure to new environments: extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, and snowmelt chemicals
  • Traction is improved with flexible, non-marking, high-mileage outsole
  • Integrated stretch gaiter protects leg and locks out dirt and debris
  • Moisture and debris stay out via weather-resistant upper
  • Reliable, intuitive hook and loop cinch strap
  • Enhanced visibility with reflective trim
  • Fits a wide range of paw sizes
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Sold in Pairs, not sets of four to adapt sizing for dogs with front/back feet of different sizes.   

Washing Instructions:
Secure fasteners
Wash in cold water
Gentle cycle
Mild detergent
Air dry