RC Pets Sport Pawks

by Dog.Dog.Cat.
$ 19.95
Sport PAWks - Dog Socks 
  • Anti-slip coating maximizes grip and protects paws from the cold, hot pavement, salt, debris and other outdoor irritants
  • Provides elderly dogs with the traction needed to maintain mobility
  • Protects sensitive paws
  • Provides a barrier protecting hardwood floors and leather seats from claw scratches
  • Comes in a set of 4 -1 for each paw!
  • Machine washable - Do not iron, bleach or dry clean
  • Not for use in icy or freezing conditions - For winter paw solutions we recommend Canine Equipment's Ultimate Trail Boots
  • Always monitor your dog while wearing Sport PAWks to ensure they do not overheat. We recommend taking the Sport PAWks off every couple of hours to give the paws a rest before putting them back on.

Machine wash cold on delicate cycleDry flatDo not irondo not bleachdo not dry clean.

Please download and print the following sizing guide:
Sizing Guide Dog Socks - SPORT PAWKS.pdf
XXS  3"  1.2"  <5 lbs 
XS  3.2"  1.5"  5-10 lbs 
4"  1.7"  10-20 lbs 
4.7"  2."  20-50 lbs 
5.5"  2.5"   50-80 lbs
XL  6.5"  3"   80 lbs +