Primal Kibble in the Raw FRESH, HIGH-QUALITY PET FOOD

$ 29.95


Kibble in the Raw reimagines “kibble” the Primal way so that you can feed your dog the way nature intended. Recipes are crafted with thoughtfully selected, premium and raw ingredients to deliver optimized nutrition and digestibility while providing the same scoop and serve feeding experience as kibble. INGREDIENTS AND NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION MADE WITH GRASS-FED BEEF INDIVIDUALLY PREPARED INGREDIENTS FOR OPTIMAL DIGESTIBILITY WHOLE FOOD NUTRITION WITH NO SYNTHETIC VITAMINS & MINERALS FREEZE-DRIED TO PRESERVE NUTRIENTS AND FLAVOR Primal Kibble in the Raw Beef 1.5 LB is carefully crafted with select, high-quality raw ingredients to provide optimized nutrition and digestibility. We guarantee the same feeding experience as traditional kibble, without any synthetic vitamins or minerals. Our freeze-drying process preserves key nutrients and flavors, so your dog can enjoy whole food nutrition just as nature intended. Our recipes are thoughtfully prepared for maximum digestibility, using grass-fed beef that's rich in essential nutrients.