Political Parody - Donald Dog Toy Classic

$ 9.99

Toy Details

  • Available in 4 Sizes:
    • Even Smaller 8" H x 4" W
    • Small 12" H x 4" W  
    • Large 17" H x 7" W
    • Jumbo 27" H x 9" W
  • Printer polyester canvas with fiberfill
  • Squeaker
  • Golden plush hair
  • Nice and floppy! 
  • Easy sitting and posing
  • Triple-stitched arms and legs
  • Non-toxic materials

It’s all about Donald! Our Donald Classic dog toy is stylin' with a golden tan and cheese-puff orange quaffed plush hair. His floppy arms and legs just beg for a vigorous shake-up...Just what dogs love! His well-heeled foot will inevitably end up in your dog's mouth!

  • HILARIOUS GIFT: Our Donald dog toy is a wicked-good gift for dogs and their people, no matter which way they lean. He’s a photo-opportunity begging to happen.
  • MAKE YOUR DOG’S TOY GREAT AGAIN: Donald’s winning smile and printed quips-- “NY Loves Me” tie, a brochure titled “Great Wall Building for Idiots” and dollar-decorated socks--will keep your dog laughing all the way to the voting booth
  • NOTHING FAKE ABOUT THIS TOY: This is REAL live entertainment...The play-by-play between you and your dog will make today’s headlines!
  • ENTERTAINMENT AT ITS FINEST: Donald features a bottom gusset and top-stitching at the elbows and knees for easy sitting and strategic posing. A squeaker is included for good, loud media exposure.
  • NON-TOXIC: Crafted from premium non-toxic polyester canvas fabric and printed with non-toxic ink, with accents of glowing orange plush and stuffed with fiberfill (and french fries and cheeseburgers...just kidding!).