Gooby Mountaineer Jacket

$ 49.95

Why Mountaineer Jacket?

At first, you might be drawn to Mountaineer Jacket's beautiful colors, but we promise that there's more than what meets the eye.

Perhaps the most prominent feature is its traffic handle.

Unexpected situations occur when you're least expecting. It could be you trying to lift your dog up to protect its feet because there are glasses on the road.

Or, you guys could be on a hike and your pup needs your help to get over an obstacle. Whatever the situation may be, the traffic handle ensures you are well prepared.

Its duo metal o-ring also serves as a built-in harness so you don't need an extra harness.

Not to mention, its waterproof and reflective outer layer will keep your pup dry and safe.

Pictured Dogs Measurements

Loki, a Shiba Inu wearing size XL with following the measurements

  • Chest - 21 inches.
  • Length - 16 inches.
  • Weight - 22 lbs.
  • Height - 14 inches (measured from feet to back).

Thick Padded Layers

Provides insulation, water resistance, and wind protection

Durable Outerlayer - 100% Nylon

It is the most useful synthetic fiber in the world. We use it because it is

  • Resistant to mildew and sunlight, making it a good choice for active wear
  • Durable and abrasion resistant
  • Water resistant for fast drying

Soft & Breathable Trim

softens the area of contact on the edges and reduces chaffing.

Reflective Linings

Provide high visibility for your pup against oncoming traffics so it stays safe.

Traffic Handle

"Lift" your dog out of unexpected situations. Durability is reinforced because it's sewn directly into the middle layer of the jacket.

Dual O-Ring Leash Attachment

No need to put on an extra harness for those short walk, although not recommended if your dog is a strong puller.

Pain-Free Zipper Guard

Avoids your pet's hair from getting caught in the zipper. A painful experience that no pets should go through.

Snap-on Button

Helps keeping the vest in place so you can put on the zipper with ease.

Step-In Design

Step-in. Zip-Up. Ready to go. Easy to put on and perfect for overly excited dogs or pets sensitive to pullover apparel.

Bottom Opening Design

The bottom opening has enough space so it doesn't get in the way of their potty time.