Furry Fido Khaki Adjustable Pocket Pet Sling

$ 35.98
Perfect for pet owners with snuggly friends under 13 pounds. Our hands-free and adjustable strap design makes it very convenient for you to carry your pet anywhere. It's reversible, versatile and breathable. Features: - Safe & Secure - Adjustable Strap Length - Large Outside Pocket - Hands-free & Reversible - lightweight & Comfortable - Machine Washable Furry Fido Pet Sling is Suitable for - Small Pets, Cats and Dogs (up to 13 lbs) - Puppies & Kittens - Senior Pets - Pets with Disabilities - Travel Together with pet parents How to Wear the Pet Sling - Connect the collar hook to the pet sling. - Pull the pet sling over your head and onto one shoulder, as you would with a cross body bag. - Place your pet in the sling and connect the collar hook to the pet’s collar to keep your pet safe and secure. 100% Polyester Product Dimension: 21 x 4.5 x 6.5 in. Shoulder strap length: 15-33 in. 0.94 lbs Care instruction: Machine wash. Tumble dry at low heat. Do not bleach.