Ezy Dog Quick Fit Harness

Fast, Easy, Adjustable Dog Harness

The QuickFit harness really is the quickest, best fitting dog harness out there.

One click of the buckle and you’re ready to go!
The Neoprene chest strap sleeve gives extra comfort
Reflective stitching enhances nighttime visibility
The stainless steel ring is a secure anchor for leashes
Adjustable straps ensure a comfortable, secure fit 

The QuickFit Harness

The QuickFit harness really is a quick fit. Adjust each strap just once, then just buckle on the harness with one click, and you’re good to go! It’s so comfortable and simple that it can replace your dog’s collar, too. We added an ID tag holder for that very purpose. The QuickFit dog harness doesn’t pinch or chafe, and is ideal for dogs of all sizes.
A Great, Affordable Dog Harness

Whether you’re looking for a harness that’s quick and easy to fit, or for more safety for an athletic pooch, or anything in between, the QuickFit harness is an ideal solution. When your dogs are raring to go, don’t waste time and energy trying to maneuver them into uncomfortable, complicated harnesses. Just click them into the QuickFit harness and start enjoying the great outdoors together!

What’s the hold up? Order your QuickFit harness today!


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