Elk Antlers Dog Chews

by Dog.Dog.Cat.
$ 29.95

Great source of calcium and minerals. All Natural Elk Antlers that are naturally shed. Will not splinter. Excellent chew for aggressive chewers.

If dogs are not provided with chew toys, they will find their own objects to chew on, such as shoes, furniture, and other forbidden objects. Antlers provide a good alternative to bones while providing dogs with the same natural dietary minerals. In addition, they are naturally sturdy and are available in sizes to accommodate many dog breeds.

What are Antlers?
According to the University of Michigan Animal Diversity Web, "antlers are a pair of bony, branched structures that protrude from the [frontal bones] of the skull" of most deer and related species. Shed antlers (those that have fallen from the deer as part of their regular life cycle), those used for dog chew toys, consist of a spongy bone layer covered by hard "compact" bone.

Antlers vs. Bones
While bones and antlers are very similar in composition, antlers are typically softer than some of the larger bones used for dog treats.

Antlers vs. Rawhide
Deer antlers have many benefits over rawhide. Rawhide is much softer and in general does not last as long as deer antlers. Because they are soft, rawhide may also be torn into large chunks which, swallowed whole instead of being chewed, may cause intestinal blockage. According to MyDeerAntlers.com, deer antlers also provide a higher percentage of protein for dogs that chew them over those that chew rawhide.

Antlers will vary in appearance. The antler you receive will only resemble the one in the picture.