Elk Antler Dog Chew

$ 2.99

Elk Antlers are a fantastic chew for dogs.   They are naturally shed annually and collected from the ground throughout the western United States.    The sheds are then cut into smaller pieces and some cut lengthwise to expose the marrow center.     Dogs love to chew and antlers are a great combination of durable, odor free, natural,  and do not splinter.    We suggest these for dogs who have healthy teeth and  are aggressive chewers.   We always suggest monitoring your dogs chewing and if the piece becomes small enough there may be concern you do will swallow the items we suggest taking it away.    

Our antlers are sold in-store by the ounce.   $2.99 per ounce.    Please choose the size you would like by the ounce, and if you prefer a split antler or whole antler.     

The images are not of the exact antler and they will vary in appearance and size.