RhyaPharms CBD Pet Capsules

by Dog.Dog.Cat.
$ 25.95

Our Pet CBD Capsule contain high-purity, medical-grade CBD. CBD's anti-inflammatory and anti-seizure properties allow it to be used for Pet Anxiety and bring comfort to aging, senior pets. The high quality ingredients, GMP manufacturing standards, and rigorous lab testing are all part of our solemn promise to produce only the safest and most effective CBD Pet products available anywhere. 

All of our CBD has been processed within the US using clean, proprietary CO2 extraction and refinement techniques, which make a difference in the quality of our CBD Products. We will always use organic and natural ingredients where possible, including flavorings and preservatives. 

Pet CBD Capsules are from ‘whole plant’ extracts, meaning there is a variety of active cannabinoid compounds in the blend, making it the most effective natural product available. This is a serious medicinal health product from a true CBD manufacturer.

The Capsules have a vegetable cellulose (vegan) shell, which passes the stomach, and only releases the CBD in the small intestines, where there is high absorption into the bloodstream. There would be a 45-60-minute delay before the full effects of the CBD occur.

TYPICAL USE: Give 1-3 capsules  through the day as needed, usually hidden in a piece of food or treat.  This provides 2.5 mg CBD per capsule.  Typical daily intake is 1 capsule per 20-25 lbs. of pet, but can be twice that for very anxious, traveling, or senior pets.  The actual use and desired effect can vary with each pet.  We cannot recommend a dosage, but do advise consulting with a veterinarian first if you are concerned.

P.S. Not for sale online, only for purchase in store or over the phone.