CANOPHERA LLC - Shelf Display Filled With 16 Briar Root Dog Chews.

$ 383.84
Our premium, reusable shelf display is the solution that guarantees a perfect presentation in your shop, even with limited space. Packed with chew sticks and ready to sell in a few minutes for a simple product launch. The eye-catching display details the features, benefits and perfect chew size for your fur friend. Best of all, you are only paying for the products and get the actual display for free! The display contains 16 chew sticks in different sizes, perfectly fitting into the display: 2 x XS, 4 x S, 4 x M, 4 x L, 2 x XL Our briar root chews are the most durable and nearly indestructible wood chews from CANOPHERA. These chews are best suited for super aggressive chewers. They are completely free of additives and artificial ingredients. They can also help dogs to relax and can improve their dental health.