Bully Bites Odor Free

$ 29.95

Dog and Cat Bully Bites Low Odor Bully Stick Pieces ranging in Size from 2" up to 6". A Great Value for a Durable Treat Dogs Love.

Bully bites are bully sticks, aka pizzle sticks, in various sizes. Most pieces are 3 - 6 inches. For those who don't know what they are, its a bull penis. We only sell them drained, washed, baked, and super low odor unlike most bully sticks. They aren't dirty and this is why they are lighter in color than most bully treats. This a great value way to get a lot of bully sticks if your dog likes smaller pieces. Bully sticks are digestible. A good option for puppies or adult dogs. Durability will depend on the chewing behavior of your dog. Each bag contains 1 LB or around 45 pieces in various thickness and lengths. We suggest monitoring your dog when chewing anything, we suggest these as "safe" treats for dogs however being careful is wise especially the first time you dog has eaten a bully stick. Most dogs will gnaw on the bully until is softens and tear of small bits as the gnaw it down to a small piece they can swallow.