Barkuterie Board

$ 48.00
Everything you see here is made by us, from the unique board designed and made with the help of Harrison Forge, our trusty laser engraver, to the freeze-dried raw treats made in our Impawssible One freeze dryer! WHAT'S IN THEIR BOARD? Assortment of freeze-dried raw and single ingredient treats made by us! ∙ Duck Wing or Duck Head* ∙ Green Lipped Mussels ∙ Baby Carp ∙ Chicken Hearts ∙ Chicken Necks ∙ Beef Liver ∙ Goat Ear or Lamb Ear* * We might send any of the two choices listed above * PACKAGING Each board is carefully packed in a food-grade vacuum sealed bag to preserve freshness. SHELF LIFE Although freeze-dried products can last for years when stored properly, we recommended not storing the treats for more than 3-4 weeks after arrival. Please note: Due to the nature of each treat, order may not look exactly like image.