ABS Citronella Spray Anti-Bark

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SpraySense® Anti-Bark Collar


The Humane Solution For Problem Barking
There’s no need to put up with endless barking. The SpraySense Anti-Bark Collar, immediately and without pain, conditions dogs to stop barking using a harmless burst of spray. Veterinarians and trainers universally recommend this anti-bark device above all others because of its unique ability to deliver outstanding results without harming the dog.

“Barking is serious problem and one of the top reasons dogs are surrendered to shelters. The SpraySense Anti-Bark Collar is an extremely effective tool for owners to regain a quiet environment,” says Dr. Debra Horwitz board certified veterinary behaviorist. “I’d recommend it to anyone who’s frustrated with nuisance barking. It allows owners to interrupt barking and intervene to teach quiet behaviors.”

In 1996 a study conducted by the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University found that spray proved to be much more effective than electric shock at either eliminating or significantly reducing nuisance barking.

The Collar’s effectiveness comes from an innovative technology that simultaneously engages a variety of senses to harmlessly interrupt the animal’s unwanted behavior. A microphone picks up the dog’s bark which triggers a harmless burst of spray delivered from under the jaw. Unlike electric shock, the spray distracts the animal and effectively redirects behavior without painful consequences. It’s safe for all dogs, including puppies.

What the experts are saying...

For many dogs living in urban settings, excessive barking is not acceptable. The SpraySense Anti-Bark Collar has allowed many of my clients to successfully keep their pets in their homes. Not only do the neighbors appreciate a quieter dog, but the relationship between the owners and the pet improves, as the owners no longer find themselves repeatedly yelling at their dogs to quiet down.

- Jacqui Neilson, DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Behaviorists
The SpraySense Anti-Bark Collar is effective with the vast majority of dogs for whom I have recommended it, and is well received by owners because it does not hurt the dog. The citronella technology is an extremely important development in behavior management products. It can be used to either interrupt behaviors, or to act as a deterrent to discourage behaviors, all without causing the dog pain.

- Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D., Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists
Overall, the SpraySense Collar is a welcome addition to our anti-barking armory. It has excellent potential for dogs that do not respond to conventional training techniques. They’re not afraid of it…it works so quickly.

- Amy Marder, VMD, Animal Behavioral Consultant
Angell Memorial Animal Hospital, Boston, MA
What experienced dog owners are saying...

On behalf of my sanity and my Coton de Tulears, I want to thank you for being such a great company! It is so rare to find someone who stands behind their product. Not to mention beyond excellent customer service. I have a bunch of dogs - two are barkers which usually starts the entire group. When I know someone is coming to the house or we are going for a walk, I place the bark collar on the two trouble makers. There is never a sound from them and everyone else is as quite as a mouse. I don't even turn the collar on half the time. Thank you. It is so great to deal with you and I will always look for your name when buying my pet products.

- C. Antraccoli

We love our little Maltese, Chloe, dearly and her only fault was uncontrollable barking whenever company came to our home. We purchased your company's "no bark collar". The results were amazing and it only took two days. Chloe now welcomes our company without barking and is a total delight.

- A. Bennett

The SpraySense Anti-Bark Collar immediately stopped the barking and has helped tremendously to help calm their excitement level from cranking up to the fully blown show. We're sure our neighbors are very appreciative, too, I've already received a thank you call from one of them.

- Gayle & Russ

I love this product! The dogs are much more calm and relaxed thanks to the gentle behavioral modification employed by using these great products!! Many thanks.

- J. Logan

We recently purchased a Premier SpraySense Bark Collar for my 3 year old Golden Retriever. We've only been using it for about 5 days and she is already a truly different dog. It has not only helped correct her bad barking behavior but has also helped her with some anxiety and aggression issues that were getting increasingly worse until we got the collar. It's as if the collar snaps her out of the anxious and aggressive state of mind and relaxes her. Which is exactly what we needed! We wanted to thank you and let you know how impressed we are with the quality of your products.

- M. & A. McGill
I didn’t think there was any help out there for my bark-at-anything Sheltie… but this collar really works well and continues to work! It has brought us not only peace, but peace of mind because it’s safe!

- J. Ecohard
I want to thank you for a superior product and excellent service. I have recommended your collar to many other dog lovers, and we use several on a regular basis in our local dog club. I’ve had terrific success using the collar on my two Great Danes, and know that I will use and appreciate it for dog years to come.

- N. Welch
I’ve tried the SpraySense Collar and have been impressed. When my pack of four Australian Shepherds bunch together to bark at the dog on the other side of the fence, all five dogs get sprayed and immediately stop barking. I can even leave the collar sitting on a chair near the front door, and when the pack charges the door when they hear knocking, it sprays and they back away. I’ve tried electronic and sonic anti-barking collars in the past and found them to be ineffective and limited in their use. In contrast, your collar has no harmful effects and actually works!

- D. Lambert
My husband and I would like to thank you for your amazing Anti-Bark Collar. We adopted a Pomeranian about 4 years ago. Sunny is a good dog and wonderful with the exception of her continuous barking when we go for our evening walks. She was very aggressive and would frequently bark herself into exhaustion. We started using your product and in just one week she has made a complete turn-around. My only regret is that we waited so long to find this marvelous product! Thank you again for providing such a great product.

- H. & S. Brewer

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the spray device work?
The spray unit uses a small microphone to pick up a dog’s bark. The bark triggers a burst of spray that serves to startle the dog and effectively interrupt the unwanted behavior. Repeated exposure to the spray has proven in clinical trials to discourage dogs from barking.

What’s included in a SpraySense® Anti-Bark kit?
Each kit contains…a spray device (with ON/OFF switch); 24” adjustable nylon collar strap; 2.4 oz. (70g) can of stain-free, hypoallergenic spray; 6-volt alkaline battery; detailed Instruction Guide.

How many sprays are there in a refill can?
There are well over 200 metered sprays in each 3 oz. (85g) refill can.

How many sprays are there in the reservoir?
A full reservoir will hold approximately 25 sprays.

Can all dogs be trained to stop barking?
Not necessarily. If an owner finds that their dog is not responding to the spray, they should seek the help of a trainer or behaviorist. We sometimes hear that a dog responded positively just after being introduced to the collar but then quickly reverted to previous behaviors. This situation suggests that an owner has not used the device properly and allowed the reservoir to empty while still on the dog. If an owner reports that their dog never responded to the spray, it is possible the dog is suffering from some type of anxiety disorder or medical problem and should be seen by a certified behaviorist or veterinarian.

Is the spray harmful to my dog or family?
No. Both the citronella and scentless solutions have been found to be extremely safe. The propellant is ozone-friendly and the same inert product used in asthma pumps for humans. The citronella essence is a natural essential oil that has been used in many human, animal and environmental applications for thousands of years. Although it can cause discomfort in certain individuals with allergies to citronella, it is considered non-toxic, especially at the very low levels given off by the collar. Each spray contains less than 10% citronella oil.

Can the spray harm my dog’s eyes?
Highly unlikely. It should be noted that both the citronella and the scentless solutions are buffered to minimize any discomfort should either get into the eyes. However, as with any aerosol product, the spray should not be aimed directly into the eyes. The collar, being worn on the neck, is directed at the snout. This puts it a safe distance from your dog's eyes since the spray dissipates very quickly.

Can my pet become accustomed to the spray?
While this is possible, it has only been found to occur in a few cases. Using positive reinforcement as part of training will reduce the likelihood of a dog not responding when sprayed.

How large is the spray device?
The device weighs just over 2 ozs. and is approximately 1.9” x 1.3” x 1.4”.

Is this collar appropriate for my dog?
In most cases it is. Assuming the dog does not have either a medical or behavioral problem requiring the attention of a veterinarian or behaviorist, the SpraySense Anti-Bark Collar is the most humane anti-barking tool for dogs and recommended for use with dogs over six (6) months old and weigh more than six (6) pounds. If your dog is a tiny one, it might tire of wearing the collar for prolonged periods. We recommend the collar be worn no more than eight (8) hours at a time.

Does this product come with a warranty?
Yes. The spray device is covered by a limited lifetime warranty on parts and labor for any manufacturer defect.

Is the spray device waterproof?
No. The spray device is not waterproof. The device cannot be submerged, however it is water-resistant and can be used on outdoor dogs.