6 Squeeze Packs + 4 Md. Toy Fillers

$ 86.00
COMES AS SINGLE SHIPPABLE BOX WITH TEAR OFF TOP PEANUT BUTTER SQUEEZE PACK: Great for crate training, separation anxiety, treat giving and pill consumption. No added sugar or salt. No preservatives. Squeeze pack is great for easy application for treats and toys. Quantity: 6 Size: 8.2oz Life Expectancy: 365 days Ingredients: Dry roasted peanuts, turmeric, parsley, ginger, flax seed TOY FILLER: Made with 100% Natural Rubber. Great for crate training, teething, separation anxiety, boredom and more. Used for Peanut Butter, Dog Treats, Bananas and Pumpkin Puree. Double-barred chewing holes allow for a clean, sanitized toy. Quantity: 4 Color: Brown Size: Dogs 25-90lbs