Small Batch Chub Blend - Chicken blend

by Dog.Dog.Cat.
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Smallbatch Blends contain only ingredients that are good for your pets like 100% human-consumable grade, fresh, raw meat, raw bones, and raw vegetables. With Smallbatch you won't get any preservatives, artificial additives, artificial coloring, added water, salt, or sugar.


skinless chicken necks, chicken, chicken backs, chicken gizzards, chicken livers, chicken hearts

Guaranteed Analysis

Moisture (max): 67.4%
Crude Protein (min): 17.6%
Crude Fat (min): 10.5%
Crude Fiber (max): 2.5%
Ash (max): 4.0%
Calcium (min): 1.1%
Phosphorus (min): 0.77%

Approx. 49 Calories per ounce
Approx. 10% organ, 10% bone
Bone Grind: