Dog Clothing and Accessories

Our roots are in Lake Tahoe, California where it snows, rains, and most of the year it is beautiful and sunny!   For a dog this is nearly heaven, especially dogs that like to get outdoors.   Our environment has taught us that many dogs and some cats need clothes to protect them from the elements.  We are well stocked with a variety of functional clothing for all sizes, and some just plain fun clothes.    

Dog shoes are a big component of preparing active dogs from the elements of snow and ice, or in the summer the rugged terrain.  Both scenarios can destroy the pads and cause challenges especially when you are far from home.     Our expert staff can guide you to the most appropriate types for your dog size and needs.     

If you are ordering any clothing online, please carefully measure according to the instructions of the specific product.  This should guide you to the exact size for your dog.