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Total Biotics
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Total Biotics

For centuries natives of the Balkan islands have enjoyed extraordinary long and healthy lives. It was eventually determined that their good fortune was, in part, due to the fact that they ingest large quantities of lactobacilli (good bacteria) at every meal. A Large breed pet weighing 65-70 pounds needs up to 1.5 pounds of beneficial bacteria in its gut to protect against disease and illness! Without good bacteria, a pet's body would be unable to fight off disease, absorb food properly, and their intestines become overrun with toxins and waste, which set the breeding ground for disease. Unfortunately, every time your pet drinks chlorinated water, eat fatty foods, get stressed or become overly tired, good bacteria is destroyed in their bodies. Even the pet foods we feed our pets to keep them healthy, like meat and poultry can contain antibiotics, further reducing the levels of good bacteria. For most pets this means they are negatively affecting their bodies' ability to stay healthy on a daily basis.

What are the benefits of Pro-biotics?

Boost the immune system
Improve digestion
Control yeast overgrowth
Remove toxins from the body
Help manufacture B-vitamins
Promote proper elimination

Ultra-Pet Products (the makers of Total-Zymes®) delivers a convenient powder formula with a formidable 11 stabilized strains of pro-biotics! It's the perfect companion product to Total-Zymes® the digestive enzyme formula. Together they are the one-two punch for complete digestion and intestinal health for your pet.

Total-Biotics™ is specially formulated with an astounding 11 species of stabilized pro-biotics, instead of the usual 1 - 2 forms provided in most other products. It also contains over one half billion CFUs (colony forming units) in each scoop for maximum protection. To insure that you get one half billion CFUs in each scoop we actually make the product with double that amount, one full billion per scoop. That way if you do not refrigerate Total-Biotics™ it will still maintain the one half billion CFUs guaranteed per scoop.

Total-Biotics™contains only the highest quality human grade ingredients with the strictest manufacturing standards to ensure purity and efficacy without a high cost to you. It is completely safe, natural, and effective for optimum performance.

Ultra-Pet Products utilizes eleven different pro-biotics
researched and developed by Dr. Khem Shahani.

Acidophilus DDS-1 strain- researched and developed by Dr. Khem Shahani for over 77 years, Acidophilus is the most effective pro-biotic strain, defending against the greatest number of pathogens; inhibiting 11 disease-causing bacteria. Called the "sticker strain," Acidophilus has the ability to actually cling to the intestinal wall without harming it. In fact, it is best known for its ability to move un-disrupted through the stomach and into the intestines where it eats away at disease causing bacteria. It is known for reducing the occurrence of constipation and diarrhea, increasing nutrient uptake (especially calcium), preventing food poisoning and alleviating dermatitis and other skin and coat conditions.

B. bifidum- is normally found in the mucus membranes lining of the large intestine and vaginal tract, where it attaches to the walls removing yeast that would further lower the pH levels and allow bacteria to grow. Supplementation has been shown to modify intestinal flora, ward off liver problems and protect against the damaging affects of radiation. It also helps control diarrhea and other intestinal disturbances.

B. infantis- inhibits gastroenteritis and can ward off some strains of E. coli. According to the Journal of Applied Bacteriology, B. infantis is part of an important group of microorganisms, which are considered to exert a range of biological activities related to human health. This particular strain of pro-biotic has also been shown to produce compounds useful toward preventing solid tumor growth.

B. longum- aids in the cleansing and health of the colon and liver. It has even been shown to significantly inhibit the growth of colon, liver and breast cancers in laboratory animals. It is also known for supporting breast health.

L. casei- is reported to be one of the most potent defenders from the potentially fatal Listeria bacteria. It is also known for its ability to induce an immune response that is helpful in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases.

L. plantarum- can be found in naturally fermented foods. In your body it is found in the large intestine where it helps to break down protein into usable nutrients, thus reducing inflammation.

L. rhamnosus- is one of the more highly studied pro-biotic strains, primarily used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. It also aids the body in resisting yeast and urinary tract infections.

L. salivarius- has been shown through research to produce a high amount of lactic acid, which is able to inhibit the growth of H. pylori, thusly reducing the associated inflammation and risk of peptic ulcers.

S. thermophilus- is known for repairing free radical damage from aging, stress, antibiotics, chlorinated water and other chemicals. It also contains an antioxidant that helps protect against the toxins present in the Standard Pet Diet and in treating the pain caused by arthritis.

L. lactis- has been shown through research to produce a high amount of lactic acid, which is able to inhibit the growth of H. pylori, thusly reducing the associated inflammation and risk of peptic ulcers. Is also beneficial to supplement the diet in maintaining normal intestinal flora.

L. helveticus- has been shown through research that strains of L. helveticus diminish tumor growth, stimulating an anti-tumor immune response.

The other ingredients in Total-Biotics™

Pre-biotics- Inulin IQ FOS (Fructooligosaccharides)- one of the best-known pre-biotics, is a class of simple carbohydrates found naturally in certain plants, such as Jerusalem artichokes, onions, and bananas. FOS is known to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. It has been shown to stimulate growth of bifidobacteria in the colon where many diseases first take root. Supplementing with FOS can greatly increase metabolic activity in the colon and help relieve constipation and reduce the production of intestinal putrefactive substances. Healthy colon function is vital to a properly functioning immune system

The only patented stabilized glutamine in the world- MGG chelate- This stabilized Glutamine re-writes the book on utilizing anabolic nitrogen molecules to help cleanse and fortify the body. Glutamine yields beneficial effects on the intestinal mucosa and is also the major metabolic fuel for the small intestine. The addition of the chelated glutamine to Total-Biotics™ greatly improves the stability and colonization characteristics of beneficial bacteria in the pet's intestinal tract and is an essential nutrient that is required by the intestinal cells. It can actually help repair a damaged intestinal tract.

Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System® (L.E.A.D.S.®)- Like both of Ultra-Pet Products formulas, Total-Biotics™ contains our exclusive Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System®. It is this delivery system that guarantees assimilation and utilization of the nutrients at the cellular level. L.E.A.D.S.® (Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System®) is a proprietary system of adding a blend of select enzymes to botanical and whole-food products for the purpose of improving the release and absorption of nutrients contained in these products. This special blend of supplemental enzymes works to extract the nutrients from the formula in the most bioavailable form so your pet's body can use them easily and efficiently. The L.E.A.D.S.® Live Enzyme Activated Delivery System® is formulated to match the specific needs of each individual product made by Ultra-Pet Products and are based on a unique and proprietary method. It is especially beneficial with products providing a whole-food source of vitamins, minerals and pro-biotics.

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